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“Vanishing and Folklores” opening on this Friday!

Please come and enjoy our next show, “Vanishing Folklores.”  We will be opening on this friday at 7 P.M. (21st of September). Artist Jon Jaylo will also join the opening! Come and enjoy his artist talk! Here is the first 5 of his beautiful pen&ink works for the show.  His works have beautiful folklores behind.

Myth of the Pineapple: One day the mother was very sick, and could not do anything, so she asked Pina to cook some rice for her, but when Pina went to the kitchen, she couldn’t find the utensils, at some point even stop looking, her mother then yelled at her: “I hope you grow a thousand eyes so you can find whatever I ask you to find!”. After a long time, the mother noticed that Pina never replied and the house was really silent, and she started to cry for her daughter, but only the neighbors were the ones that responded.

After some days passed by, Pina’s mother asked everyone on the fruit plantation about her daughter, but no one knew where she was. One day while cleaning the backyard, the mother noticed a fruit of the size of a kid’s head that sprung from the ground, and thought it was funny that this fruit had a thousand eyes.

When she saw it a little bit closer, she that it was Pina, who was transformed for the curse she put on her that day. And so, to honor her memory, the mother decided to take the seeds of the fruit and planted them, and when there was a lot of this fruit, she gave them away.

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