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A Metropolitan Opening

Last night, dear friends, was the last opening for this year’s last show: METROPOLITAN.  An urban landscape inspired show, curated by berlin artist and our dear friend, Christian Rothenhagen. Through out the course of the week, Christian had been coming in to work on the entirety of the exhibition. He was very exact, detailed and he wanted everything to turn out right; perfect. Later, I understood his preocupation; it was very important to have a unifed and harmonious space. The atmosphere was relaxed and the turn-out was great. At one point, it felt like we were all known friends that had gathered. I guess the cold winter outside, the gluehwein and a taste for good art brings people together.

The rooms looked beautifully paired and our guests really enjoyed the feeling, through the installation, of being part of a work of art. Christian had an image in his mind, he knew exactly what the outlook should be and it couldn’t have come out more perfect. So, although it was -8 degress outside, fans and urban-art lovers came from all over to witness the delicate works by Christian and applaud the great (and some quite ingenious!) interpretations of the same theme by the artists in the back room.

Overall, it was a praiseworthy evening and we hope that everyone appreciated the opening as much as we did. Especially because it was our last event this year and with that, Strychnin & Team wants to thank all those artists, friends, collaborators and followers that have been loyal to us and have made 2012 memorable. Let’s see what awaits us in 2013!!!


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