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Opening of “Attention Earth!”

“I thought they were testing some sort of atomic device out there…” (Invaders from Mars, 1953)

Last night we tested Berlin’s art-lovers’ curiosity; the opening of our first exhibition of this year, Attention Earth, is a tribute to the 1950’s cinematic aesthetic. As 2013 celebrates the 60th anniversary of both Invaders from Mars and H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, we decided to pay our respect and say “thank you” in the form of art. Artists took direct inspiration from sci-fi and b-movie classics and their quintessential art.

The experiment was to determine in what ways the artists would hold up to such an idolized era. The results? Intricate, different and ravishing. The artworks we received varied from detailed pen and ink illustrations to a three-dimensional photograph. Hung, the show had unity; it was clear what our goal was: an artistic, pop-laden altar. The conclusion? The turn-out was great, meaning that among us, are plenty of Berlin sci-fi, b-movie, UFO, cyborg art-lovers. We are not alone! It was pleasing to see different people, smiles and frowns (good: sign of thinking!) and art come together.

A double highlight, thanks to artist Raf Veulemans, we also “released” his an installation “White light-Dark wings”. The installation, especially conceptualized for the denizens of Berlin, was a hit. It aroused questions, ideas, memories and conclusions. It achieved it’s purpose.

We love experiments!


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