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Finally !!!!
On the 15th of March, we’re celebrating the revival of the godfather of all things beautifully grotesque, Edgar Allan Poe.

Recently, Poe’s ghost has peered into the minds of Hollywood when John Cusack headlined as the author himself in the mystery thriller, “The Raven”, and Kevin Bacon stars as the FBI Agent chasing after a serial killer whose modus operandi is inspired by the works of Poe in the huge FOX network success series “The Following”

With “Those Who Dream by Day”, we’re aiming to re-establish his legacy with the marriage between literature and art. The artists participating have each selected a short-story and have interpreted it, in their most amazing ways. Photography, painting, sculptures , paper cuts to only name a few of the techniques !!

Here’s a sneak peek of Daniel van Nes’s work in progress titled “Assignation” base on the story by Poe written in 1834.

It’s a dark and tragic story taking place in Venice told by an unnamed narrator telling of someone who you know from the beginning of the story is dead. We follow the hero through “a night of unusual gloom” where the story begins with a women screaming for help as her baby is drowning in the water. Rescued by our hero she is not interested in her child but it becomes clear that she threw the baby in the water to get the hero closer to her – once realizing her character the hero begins to spiral down a human abyss of absurdity, desire and human dilemma……



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