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Today’s Poe Feature: “Ligeia”

The beautifully hand cut artwork titled “Ligeia” by Brighton-based artist, Seiko Kato is a glimpse into Poe’s haunting supernatural tale of undying love …..

An unnamed narrator describes the story about the circumstances in which he met his beloved, Ligeia an incomparable and dark haired gothic beauty. Ligeia however falls mysteriously ill and on the day of her death, she begs the narrator to read a poem she has composed about the natural tragedy of life. The poem is based on the philosophy that: Life I sustainable through will power. As he finishes the poem she dies and the narrator is left heart broken. Some time passes and he decides to remarry. This time he chooses the fair skinned blue-eyed Lady Rowena. Rowena soon after falls ill and dies as well. Devastated the narrator stays with her body through the night and watches her come back from the dead transformed as Ligeia ……

The beautifully crafted artwork by Seiko Kato is a paper cut collage, taking inspiration, aside from the story, from Victorian medical books, old Victorian drawings and encyclopaedia entries.


We open in two weeks!!!
Opening reception is on the 15th of March at 7pm.

See you soon!


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