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Countdown begins with “The Spectacles”

Four days until the opening of “Those Who Dream by Day”! Today’s story is a rare comedy called the “The Spectacles”; a love story with an amusing twist.
It follows a vain 22 year old narrator, Napoleon Buonaparte, who changes his name so he can receive an inheritance from a distant cousin. One night, at the opera, he lays eyes on a beautiful aristocratic woman, Madame Lalande. He is so engrossed with her apparent beauty, that he pleads his friend to introduce him to the wealthy widow. He begins to court her and finally proposes marriage, all the while the woman is flattered by this unexpected surprise in her life. She agrees to marry him, but has one petition; that he wear his spectacles (glasses) on the night of their wedding. When he does, he not only discovers she’s a much older woman, but his toothless, horrific looking 82 year old great-great grandmother! She was in town to meet her husband’s heir. While this is shocking for the narrator, at first, he later learns that the marriage was staged, as to trick him and teach him a lesson. He ends up marrying the younger Madame Lalande, Stephanie, and swears “never be met without SPECTACLES” – having acquired a pair of his own at last.

Lola Gil has also taking more of a comedic approach to her piece and has exaggerated the function of glasses by over-enlarging these. Her portrait of the main character of the story is very reminiscent of Poe and an accurate depiction of the aesthetic of his era.

Remember to dress up on the night of the opening if you want a shot at winning!
res_ Lola_OhGentleman


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