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Last night’s Opening

Although, it was a chilly March night, we were so happy to greet many familiar and new faces! The turn-out was fantastic, many dressed-up (which made me very happy!) and we had good feedback.
Artists made their way to Berlin from the UK, Italy, France and of course Berlin; thanks for the love!
Clad in elegant outfits, we enjoyed a night of Edgar Allan Poe inspired works. Thanks, also, to 12 Grad AetherLoge, Louis Fleischhauer, who provided us with a spectacle of his latest corsets, Posh Photographie and the suited up Jörg Merlin Noack – Fotografik. It was a pleasure for us to see everyone mingling and joyful! We are greatful to see that with dedication, passion and team-work great things can be accomplished!
Enough said, take a look at last night yourself! Photos courtesy of Jörg Merlin Noack – Fotografik.

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