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Latest News; Arstists surprises!

As many of you already know, we’re getting prepared to say adieu to our Edgar Allan Poe exhibition, so if you haven’t checked it out, TODAY is the last chance you have!
In a week’s time, we’ll be opening our latest exhibition, “The Woods”, a show inspired by creatures and everything lovely that spring brings us. Yet, as spring decided not to come around, we hope to wake up those lost, warm feelings that we’re lacking right now. “The Woods” is a group-show featuring six artists whose work epitomizes the delicacy and imagination of inventive individuals influenced by nature’s variety of organisms.
Furthermore, we’re so happy to announce (and so excited!) that two of the artists will be flying in for the opening night! Ocoze will be travelling from Japan and Heather Gargon is coming from the US! This makes it an interesting opportunity for anyone who is familiar with the feeling of visiting an exhibition and leaving with questions unanswered (regarding the art, of course!).
Like always we’d love to see everyone come by and pretend it’s spring outside, have a glass of wine and enjoy new, amazing art!

Here’s a small preview of Heather Gargon’s work for the show, enjoy!


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