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Happy 1st of May!!!

It’s incredible how time flies when the weather is fine in Berlin. Winter seemed endless; each day felt eternal. Yet, as soon as the sun shines, everything runs double the pace. With a blink of an eye, May has arrived. And it’s only nine more days until the opening of KOTAM, our latest show!!! We’re so excited to have such an array of talented artists. The artists participating are: Marina Bychkova, The Popovy Sisters, Virginie Ropars, David Thierree, Forgotten Hearts, Christine Polis, Katya Tal, Chris Guarino, Allen Douglas and Ana Bagayan, so start getting familiar with their work! We also just found out that Katya Tal, emerging doll-maker, will be flying in from the States. Katya Tal (along with Virginie Ropars) just got nominated for the SPECTRUM 20 Award and we hope to send her back with lots of good luck!
Take a sneak peek of the show, have fun and stay safe and we’ll see each other soon!

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