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Natascha Stellmach’s “I Don’t Have A Gun”

“I DON’T HAVE A GUN” is the name of Natascha’s latest exhibition, opening on the 7th of June at Wagner + Partner, and it will feature a series of photographs and installations alongside inkless tattoo happenings and an artist talk with Natascha and Dr. Katja Blomberg (Director of Haus am Waldsee).
“I DON’T HAVE A GUN” explores the definition(s) and correlation(s) of the syndrome “BURNOUT”. Yet, Natascha’s study of BURNOUT does not bare a negative connotation; it’s rather a “celebration of renewal”. The photographs are drawn over with hot pink ink, depicting “empowered women brandishing “guns”, however these weapons are all tools of creativity”.
The culmination of the exhibition can be seen in her “inkless tattoo happenings”, where the artist will “tattoo” a word of something the visitor wants to let go. Natascha’s concept is that we will “purge” this emotion/concept out through the scarring process; as the word fades, the emotional attachment will diminish.
It’s a beautiful concept and fitting for anyone who wants to enjoy an evening surrounded by thought-provoking art. I’m sure to go and “let go” of something unwanted and I hope to see many there!


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