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Monday Master: Alaric Hammond for Anniversary Show!

Alaric Hammond has well established himself since emergence in the scene in 2000, when he met Paul Insect in London. He was part of the famous INSECT COLLECTIVE until its closing in 2007. He has designed poster and album work for DJ Shadow and has shown in Tokyo, Berlin and the UK.
Alaric has a very signature style and he’s a master in developing strong imagery. His technique is extraordinary and complex, for example he employs a variety of acid bath techniques to corrode the metal plates. The process dramatises an effect of decades of wear from the natural passage of time and weather, and the hand of man in the form of pollution and neglect. The meticulously-crafted plates then bear long-established icons of our age: Prozac anti-depressant pills, fast food, designer brands, stilettos, and cartoon characters bastardised to appear ripped to the tits on human growth hormone.
We are so proud and grateful we will show one of these along with two of his latest prints! I think his pieces speak for themselves! The Zinc plate piece- “Trash 7”- we would like to keep unpublished until the opening on Friday, so come around!


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