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Next stop: Amsterdam!

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that two Strychnin artists, will be debuting their duo-show at Kallenbach Gallery in Amsterdam. For this show, Rotterdam native, Daniel Van Nes and New York based artist, David Hochbaum will be featured with works for an amazing show which follows the concept and ideology of the sentinels. Hochbaum and Van Nes depict a series of interpretations of the character and word sentinel- a sturdy, clever and loyal guardian and watchman.

Hochbaum said about this collaborative work, “Over the years, I have found collaboration to be an indispensable tool of the creative process and catalyst in the evolution of the vernacular my work. I have known and respected Daniel and his work for years, traveling and creating together as part of the Strychnin family. I am very proud and excited to have this chance to reflect our visual dialogue off one another and have our work mingle and combine.” -cit. David Hochbaum-

There’s also a beautiful book available to purchase through the gallery’s website.

For all those lovelies in Amsterdam, make sure you head over to Pazzanistraat 9-11- the sentinels are waiting!

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