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I don’t truly believe in the saying “what begins in chaos, ends in chaos”. In fact, many creative processes are born out of the fires of chaos. Most artists, like poets and musicians, have a burning inner turmoil and yearning to relieve themselves from their thoughts and emotions. Perhaps an artistic process is the only occasion where chaos plays a substantial role. It’s most likely that I take this stance, as I’m used to chaotic tendencies and David Hochbaum is just the perfect example of my rejection of the statement above.

After only three jet-lagged days of work, David completed his installation on site. We’re used to his unique-extravagant working manner. He splattered the walls, left papers behind, moved pieces from A to B, but only the artist knows when the work is done- when it can’t be re-touched, nor enhanced. It may be that he feels the need that “it could be better”, but the duty of an artist is (also) to realize when it’s time to allow everything to crystalize and come together.

The exhibition opens tonight, we await you!



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