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Little sneaks and peaks

My new job at keeps me so busy but I thought you might want to have a little sneak of what we are doing with new people and than … Continue reading

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David Hochbaum in the House!

Dear friends: a THANK YOU to all of you who passed by last night and celebrating the opening of David Hochbaums solo exhibition, Nephelococcygia! The turn-out was great; the guests … Continue reading

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I don’t truly believe in the saying “what begins in chaos, ends in chaos”. In fact, many creative processes are born out of the fires of chaos. Most artists, like … Continue reading

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Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon of perceiving something as somethhing else- seeing and/or hearing especific and significant shapes and/or sound where there are none. This stimulus is what makes us … Continue reading

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No Sleep-No Rest For David Hochbaum!

Mister David Hochbaum arrived this morning- one way from New York City to Berlin. When I stepped into the gallery there he was: all set up and being productive. “There’s … Continue reading

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The sky according to David Hochbaum

When you look up to the sky do you see clouds ? If NYC based artist David Hochbaum looks up he sees a different kind of sky above all our … Continue reading

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Next stop: Amsterdam!

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that two Strychnin artists, will be debuting their duo-show at Kallenbach Gallery in Amsterdam. For this show, Rotterdam native, Daniel Van Nes … Continue reading

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