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Elmer Presslee has arrived – set up fully under way

Just a couple of hours ago Elmer Presslee landed in Germany and is now setting up his installation for the upcoming show. He is very excited about exhibiting here again and has brought along amazing pieces of artwork, which I am sure you’ll really enjoy! I don’t even know where to start when describing the things he does and don’t really feel being up to the task. So you better stop by at the opening on Friday and see for yourselves!

Elmer going straight down to work

He created super cool stuff. You have to check it out!

Amazing, huh?! But not finished yet.

This is just to give you an idea of what to expect. Both artists will present massive installations to you which might be best describe as a huge visual orgy!

Greg has been around for a couple of days now, so have a look what his space looks so far. Remember, we are still very busy setting up.

Busy as a bee…

… but still got some time for the little ones, of course!

So as you can see it is going to be HUGE! Don’t miss the opening, starting at 7 pm this Friday!


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